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what is anthropology?

What is anthropology?

Breaking down the word anthropology, its origins are from the Greek word anthropos "human" and logia "study."

Anthropology itself is the holistic study of humanity. Where other academic disciplines may have taken a narrow stance on an issue anthropology chooses to incorporate anything and everything it is to be human with the ultimate goal of defining who we are, how we came to be and where we are going.

In essence we all practice anthropology every day because of its fundamental ground of curiosity. We are curious about ourselves and curious about others.


The Types Of Anthropology

Post-Modern Anthropology is subdivided into 5 distinct categories:


Theory Of Anthropology

Theory of Anthropology

A theory is a systematic organization of ideas proposed to explain a phenomenon. In other words a theory is simply a speculation, which at the time cannot be proven and is used as a means to explain an event, trend, or other occurrences.

Theories attempt to directly refute well established schools of thought which are widely held as fact. It should be noted that “science [as well as social science] does not rest upon solid bedrock. The bold structure of its theories rises, as it were, above a swamp. It is like a building erected on piles. The piles are driven down from above into the swamp, but not down to any natural or ‘given’ base; and if we stop driving the piles deeper, it is not because we have reached firm ground. We simply stop when we are satisfied that the piles are firm enough to carry the structure, at least for the time being.” (Popper LSD 2002: 122)

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Anthropology is an great subject, but underutilized outside of academia.

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